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I used to be a loyal Yankee candle customer, but then a friend gave us a Mellow Moose candle as a gift (5 O’clock somewhere, which smells amazing). I was skeptical because I heard soy candles lose their smell quickly, but not this candle. This candle smelled pleasant, but not overwhelming, and lasted the life of the candle, which was much longer than expected. We have purchased several other scents since then and all are equally amazing. It’s become our go to gift for friends and family, who all rave about these wonderful candles. Anyway, like I said, I used to be a loyal Yankee candle customer, but now Mellow Moose is my go-to.


I have purchased so many different brand candles with a variety of prices. I have even sold soy candles from a company 6+ years ago. I have never come across a candle that burns so clean (no black around the jar) with a lasting smell. I have even taken pictures to show friends when I gift them a Mellow Moose candle! I clip the wick before I light the candle each time, so it burn evenly. Once you light a Mellow Moose candle. You won’t buy any other brand!


My sister in law bought us two candles and they burn and smell better than the ones we spend 20+ dollars on! Our house smells soooo good! I can’t wait to order more for us and our friends & family :)


I just want to say how much I am in love with these candles. I was visiting family in Central NY when they told me about these candles. I was lucky enough to be able to take some home. I couldn’t resist, after a few weeks I ordered some online. Amazing candles!


Loving every single scent made by the company! Fast, friendly, and prompt care& shipment are exceeded in every way! Want a candle you can still smell after 2 hours of being burned, order a Mellow Moose candle! Expectations exceeded! ❤️

Caribbean Teakwood


Great long lasting scents! Cute packaging, quick shipment and low price!

Five O'Clock Somewhere


Shipped quick and the “cinna-buns of steel” scent smells amazing! Would definitely recommend!

Cinna-Buns of Steel


Love this candle! Just the perfect amount of scent. Not too overwhelming but still fills the room with a fresh, clean smell!

Laundry Day


smells like my entire room had cinnamon rolls just sitting in it. The best part is that the smell stays for hours!

Cinna-Buns of Steel


Amazing smell, fast delivery and very nicely packaged will definitely buy again!

Cinna-Buns of Steel


I just bought this one (and three others). They arrived in perfect condition and smell amazing!

Caribbean Teakwood


My house constantly smells like ass because of my dogs and I’ve never been able to find a good candle that could mask the smell without adding to the headache that my husband has already given me. These candles must be from Mars because they are most definitely out of this world 🌎


Love this candle! Wonderful scent.

Apple Harvest


LOVE the scent of this candle. Fast shipping and delivery. Would definitely buy here again. Thank you!

Cinna-Buns of Steel



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Want your house to smell like a fresh pot of coffee all the time?! Just light this amazing candle and your house will transform into a coffee shop! (Or at least smell like one) obsessed with this candle!!


Brewtiful Morning


My mother adored it! It doesn't bother my father who is sensitive to a lot of scents. Super quick shipping. Thank you!


Cinna-Buns of Steel

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